Wishing You and Yours Heating Efficiency this Holiday Season and the Whole Winter Through!


Many people have extra expenses when the holidays roll around in December. This is often due to costs associated with entertaining, participating in seasonal festivities, gift shopping and things of the like. Plus, some homes may be spending more on electricity the weather’s cold enough use their AC/heating system to warm up.


Tidings of Home Comfort and Joy

You may already know that heating and cooling your home makes up approximately 50% of the average electricity bill. In South Central Texas, we often associate this with summertime as we think of cooling our home when it’s hot. However, heating your home typically uses more energy than cooling.


Don’t let this information steal your holiday joy, though! At 世界杯开户, we believe your heating and cooling costs should be nothing you dismay. This is why we make it a point to deliver energy efficiency information to our customers year-round. We’ve even got a page dedicated to it on our website, where you’ll find tips like:


Check your filters monthly.

Be sure to change them when they are dirty at least every three months—whichever comes first.


Narrow the difference between your thermostat setting and the outside temperature.

By setting your thermostat to 68 degrees or as cool as you can stand it during the winter, you’ll conserve energy. For every degree you lower it in the winter, you could save 4% to 6%.


Schedule seasonal maintenance.

Scheduling seasonal maintenance for your AC/heating system during the spring and fall will help keep it running as efficiently as possible.


HVAC Spec Check & Check-N-Save

Having a seasonal maintenance check on your unit in the winter can help ensure your heating system is in optimal working condition when it’s time to heat your home. 世界杯开户 offers two convenient options for this with our HVAC Spec Check plan or Check-N-Save tune-up. HVAC Spec Check includes twice-yearly maintenance checks. Check-N-Save offers a one-time checkup for those not interested in signing up for regular maintenance.


Both options provide a comprehensive check to help avoid unexpected breakdowns and keep your system operating as efficiently as possible—helping to save on your winter heating expenses!

For more information about HVAC Spec Check or Check-N-Save, visit gvecACservice.com, or call 800.328.0630.

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