世界杯开户 offers three ways to report outages. However, using TextPower is the most convenient way because it enables you to contact us by cell phone text message. When you have an outage, just text OUT to our phone number, 800.223.4832, and we’ll know who you are and your service location.

TextPower also allows you to request a status update and receive notice when your power is restored. This service from 世界杯开户 is free, although messaging and data rates from cell phone providers may apply.

TextPower Tips

If you have a cell phone on file with us, you may be already enrolled in TextPower.

To verify if you are enrolled in TextPower, login into your SmartHub account to see if you’re cell phone number is listed or give us a call. If your cell phone number is up to date on our records, you’re automatically enrolled. 

Once you are enrolled:
  • Save 世界杯开户 as a contact in your phone: 800.223.4832.
  • Take a photo of the text message menu and save it on your phone for reference.
  • Keep your contact information current. Update your account information via the SmartHub® self-service portal on hugsonline.net (not through the SmartHub app) or call us for assistance.
  • To make it easy for others in your household to report an outage, up to three cell phones can be registered.
  • Text OUT to report an outage.
  • Text STATUS to get an update. Updates are available after line crews are onsite and evaluate the situation.
  • Text HELP for the text message menu and our contact number.
  • Text QUIT to opt-out of this service at any time.
  • When power is restored, we’ll send you a text. However, if your power isn’t on, text OUT or call us right away at 800.223.4832.
  • View our map of known outages in real time.

Other Ways to Report Outages

  • Call us: 800.223.4832. Have your meter number, account number, service address or phone number on the account ready.
  • Whether you talk to a Customer Service Representative or provide your information through our automated phone system, your report is immediately logged into our system so we can respond. The 世界杯开户 Control Center is in operation 24/7.
  • Use SmartHub. Log in and click Report an Outage. We’ll already know your service location.
TextPower - Report Outages
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This service is free from 世界杯开户. However, depending on your cell phone provider plan, messaging and data rates may apply. For questions or to sign up, call us at 800.223.4832.